Jumat, 23 September 2011

Jessica and Adam (My Versions)

Is anyone alive out there?

This time, I will present you some stories.
Actually, this was an assignment from my teacher, and I finished it.
But, due to I don't really have anything to do, I made some other versions of the story.

This was taken from the book "English in Mind *Student's Book 3" written by Herbert Puchta and Jeff Stranks, with Richard Carter and Peter Lewis-Jones.

So... Here is the story.

Original Short Ver.

Jessica and Adam met five years ago. She was working in London. One day she saw him. He was a university student, but was doing a summer job. He had come to the place where she was working.

As Adam was leaving, he left a little message next to Jessica’s computer. Jessica phoned him and they met the same evening. Adam and Jessica liked each other a lot. One day a terrible thing happened. Jessica was hit by a car. She was Badly hurt. Six months later Jessica was OK again. Adam had helped her a lot.

Heart-Touching Ver.

Jessica was hit by a car. She was badly hurt. After the accident, she was taken to the big hospital in London. She was bandaged here and there. She was in a very, very bad state. And the worst, she was paralyzed. She can’t move at all, even just a finger of her. She could see, she could hear, she could taste, she could touch, she could breathe, but she couldn’t do anything than those. She couldn’t even talk. Yes, that is the state she was in.

Adam was talking to the doctor, asking about Jessica’s condition. The doctor said “Please, just continue to support her. Whether she will become fine again or not, it’s up to her. It’s about her mental, too. Just, make her feel comfortable. Either body, or her mind”.

Adam came to the room where Jessica was. Looking at the unmoving Jessica, his heart was badly hurt, too. It’s like a thousand needles are piercing his heart at the same time.

He got closer to Jessica, with a smile in his face. “Hi, Jess! How are you? Silly me who’s asking that. I’m sorry. So…”, he was saying while holding up his tears. “Get well soon, okay! So we can go out there again! Having fun, together… Enjoying the cool breeze, eating the unhealthy foods like junk-foods, and the other things we always do. Please, just please have fun again with me!” he said to Jessica. Trying to cheer her up, and to make her comfortable.

And so, Adam was constantly visiting her, and kept on cheering and talking to her. “Hi, Jess! You know, something funny happened at the college!”, “Hi, Jess! My football team won the friendly match!”, “Jess! Jess! You know, they got the surprise party for me because of the match I told you before!” was what, Adam saying all the time with cheerful face. Even though he was really holding on. He kept trying to make her feel better, with telling the happy stories he had.

Jessica was glad, and sad, too. She was glad because there was someone beside her. She was not really lonely because Adam was with her. But, she was sad, too. She wanted to cry, but she couldn’t. Even crying was impossible for her. And she felt to be blamed. Because Adam was there for her, and she thought that it would waste his times. “He has his own life. He’s even still a university student. He has to study, prepare his script, and graduate. It’s my fault, isn’t it? Because of me. It’s like I am the one who’s ruining his life, isn’t it? He’s so gentle. He kept visiting and talking to me even though he know I can’t do anything to response him. What should I do? I don’t want it. I don’t want it to be like this. Should I give up on Adam? Yes, I have to. I can’t sacrifice Adam for my own goodness. I can’t be selfish.“ was what in her mind all the time when she was seeing Adam’s cheerful and sad in front of her.

One day, just like others, Adam was visiting Jessica again. He was, again like always, telling his stories and cheering her up. But, suddenly, he lowered his head, and went sulking. He then said, “Jessica. Why don’t you get better, already? Just so you know, I’m saying this not because I’m giving up. But, please, get better. Don’t be in this state for longer. I miss you, Jessica. I miss the old you. The moment when you smiled at me, the moment when you were surprised. I miss those old times we spent. Why? Why don’t you get better? Is it because you think I’m ruining my life? I’m wasting my time? Is that what you think, Jessica? I know you can hear me. That’s enough, Jessica. You don’t need to respond. It’s just, please keep hearing me, Jessica. Because when there exists the you who listens to me, that’s enough. That’s enough to be the bond between us. And I keep talking to you, it’s not like I’m wasting my time, once again. I’m doing it because of my own will Jessica. It’s because my affection towards you, Jessica. You… You are my most important treasure, Jessica. My love for you is genuine. So please, don’t blame yourself. I won’t give up. So, don’t give up, okay?”.

Yes, that is the thing he said. With a teary eyes, smiling and cheerful smile on his face. He said those words. Perfectly, innocently, from the deepest part of his heart. And he read it. He read her mind. He understood her. He could feel what Jessica is feeling. Yes. That’s Adam.

Jessica heard it. Her eyes were wide open. She couldn’t respond, but… She… Cried. For the first time after the accident, she finally cried. Even though crying was impossible for her, Adam’s words are touching her heart. Gently, there came warmth and wrapping her heart. Making her tears pouring out from her eyes. She couldn’t make even a sound, but she really did cry. She was still not moving, but that’s it. She couldn’t hold it anymore. She wanted to cry for a long time, but this time, she was not crying because of what she wanted to cry for. She was crying, because of something she wanted from the purest part of her heart. Yes, to be filled with happiness. To be filled with Adam’s feeling.

Horror Ver.

Jessica was hit by a car. She was hurt. After the accident, she was taken to the big hospital in London. And Adam was worried about her.

Adam asked the doctor about her condition. The doctor said “It’s okay. She’s not that bad. She just needs to rest for some times. But, there’s something I’m worried about. It’s about her head. I don’t know. The results of the check-up is fine. But, my instinct as doctor, I feel something’s wrong. Please, keep her well”. And because of that, Adam became worried, too.

Adam was visiting her, time by time. But, there was something wrong with Jessica. Even though, she was up, and sitting on his bed, she didn’t say anything and just sat silently there. While lowering her head, there came gloomy aura from her. Adam was worried, and scared. He didn’t want something bad to happen to Jessica. So, he stayed by her side and trying to keep her.

One day, Adam was peeling an apple. “Adam, could you buy me some bottled mineral water?”, she asked Adam, while still lowering her head. Adam went out to buy what she asked, and came back with it. When he’s opening the door, he heard something from Jessica. Like chanting, murmuring. “The voice can’t stop. It can’t be stopped. Why? Noisy. It’s so noisy. I can’t take it. I can’t take it. I can’t take it. I can’t take it”. Suddenly, she looked at Adam with wide opened eyes, then said “Adam… Help me… The voice is so noisy… Please, stop it… Stop it… Stop it!! Stop it!! I can’t take it!! I can’t take it!!”. Adam was surprised because of her loud voice. He’s dumbfounded.

Until then… “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!” Jessica yelled. And Adam realized, something was stuck on his chest. He looked down, and he saw Jessica was there. She was holding a knife. A knife he was using earlier to peel the apple. It was stabbed, and stuck to his chest, near his heart. It was happened in an instant. Jessica took out the knife, and stabbed it to Adam’s chest.

“Jessica?” He let out his voice. Jessica didn’t hear it. Or you can say, she couldn’t hear it. She couldn’t hear anything anymore. Her eyes were black, as black as the starless night. Black, but looked so beautiful.

Jessica took out the knife from Adam’s chest, making Adam yelling because of the pain. But, he couldn’t do anything in that bewilderment. And because love he had towards Jessica. Jessica seemed to not care. After taking out the knife, once again she stabbed it to Adam’s body. No, it was not once again. She took it out again, then stabbed it again. Took it out, stabbed it, took it out, stabbed it. The blood was spurting out from Adam’s body. Making he himself, and Jessica stained by his blood.

Adam couldn’t do anything. He was powerless. He couldn’t think of anything. His brain had stopped working. And, he fell on the floor, drenched with his own blood. Lifeless. Adam died… By Jessica’s hands.

Jessica realized. She was surprised, seeing Adam lying on the floor without life. “What did I do?” was what she was saying. She was surprised, sad. Then, she cried. She cried. With sadness overflowing, she cried her heart. She was crying, but voiceless. The tears were pouring down. Making some little sounds of drops. Until then, “KYAAAA!!!”. There was a nurse standing in front of the room with the opened door. Jessica’s room. The room where Adam’s body was lying. She realized the nurse. She quickly moved her hand, and then… SLASH!! Bloods were spurting out from the nurse’s white neck, making Jessica more drenched in blood. Jessica cut it. Jessica cut the nurse’s neck. With the tears still flowing, she cut it. The nurse that before was screaming, had become silent. She fell on the floor, with the blood still coming out from her beautiful neck.

She then realized it again. That she killed her. She killed the nurse without thinking. There were two corpses in the hospital. She couldn’t think of anything again. She couldn’t take it. All she could do, was listening to the voice. She took it. The sensation of killing people. The sensation of taking people’s lives. The sensation she couldn’t feel everyday. It was sad, but… It felt so good, too. That was what in her mind.

Thirty minutes later, polices came to the hospital. Someone called them to come. The police received a phone where there were many people screaming. So, they came there in hurry.

They are in front of the entrance of the hospital. While holding a gun, one of them opened the door, and they see… Jessica in a blood-bath. There were corpses everywhere. The receptionists, doctors, nurses, patients, everyone had died because of her. With just that single knife she was holding. Nobody… Nobody was still living in there.

She just sat there, in front of the entrance, while covering her eyes with her hands. There were tears. The tears from the first time. The tears when she killed Adam. They were still there. The tears were not dried yet.

She’s voiceless. The cops were going closer. But, then she took her knife, and stabbed the heart of one of the cops. Without giving him a chance to pull up the trigger of his gun, she once again killed a person. The other cop then shot her. He got her in the stomach. But it wasn’t stopping her. She then once again ran to the cops, and killed two cops instantly by cutting their neck. The others furiously then shot her. While the others were shooting her, the other one was calling for enforcements through radio in her car outside the hospital. He was calling from outside his car, and sometimes looking back, seeing his friends were killed by the unstopped Jessica. But when he was talking, and looked back again, Jessica was there, and then stabbed his back. He turned around while falling to the ground, and with the final power he had, he then shot her at her heart.

Jessica felt it. The pain of being shot at the heart. She then fell on the ground.

Some minutes later, more cops came to the hospital. But, what they found, were just the corpses of cops. They didn’t found a woman's corpse that was holding a knife and drenched in blood.