Sabtu, 12 Januari 2013

Prologue : Something That Does Not Exist

Fate. The thing I hate the most.

It was lunch break.

Fate. The word I don’t want to hear the most.

I didn’t have any work to do.

Fate. The thing I don’t want to believe in the most.

I went upstairs, to the roof.

Why? Isn’t it obvious?

It was my favorite place.

Because I don’t want my life is controlled by such thing.

Like always, the door to the roof was unlocked.

If my life is controlled by something like a system, doesn’t that mean I’m no different as robots?

I opened the door. The breeze was welcoming me.

To me, fate is just a thing to be blamed by human.

And then, she was there.

It’s just like a thing that was made by human. That’s why, I don’t want to believe in fate.

I hadn’t ever met her before, here.

It’s irritating too, don’t you think?

But, when I got there, she was there.

To have our lives controlled.

I was entranced.

To feel like our doings’ results have been decided.

To the swinging black-long hair.

Even before we were born, it had been decided.

To the body that looked so fragile.

So, we’re just living the life that’s fated, already.

To the sublime beauty.

And not living as we will.

She was just standing, behind the fence

And to think our good results is just some parts of fate.

Watching to the disgusting view of the world below, with sad-look on her face.

I thought, “do our lives have meaning, to begin with?”

And I was entranced, unable to say anything.

Yes, fate is just a thing to be blamed.

Enjoying that Goddess-like figure.

Because we can’t live our lives just like we want to.

Until then, she turned and looked at me.

That’s why we use fate to blame our uneasy feelings in life.

With her beautiful sparkling eyes.

That’s why, again, I don’t want to believe in fate.

She, then, smiled.

That’s why, I hate the word fate.

To think I had the chance to see her smile.

But, to think all of my perceptions will be destroyed and changed.

She, then, said…

Because of that short encounter.